A discussion on the causes for the forming of gangs in the united states

First, conventional socializing agents, such as families and schools, are largely ineffective and alienating. Gang presence in the United States military Gang members in uniform use their military knowledge, skills, and weapons to commit and facilitate various crimes.

Most of their members tend to be of Mexican descent, but in recent years, they have become open to other nationalities as well. Truth is always partial. They provide all of the resources needed for survival. Some of the most notorious and dangerous gangs have evolved from youth gangs.

Mara Salvatrucha is one of the most dangerous gangs in the United States, and its activities include drug and weapons trafficking, auto theftburglaryassaultand murder including contract killings.

All the talk about loyalty in gangs shown in Hong Kong triad movies are not false though often glorified The misconception however is that gangs are bad things. During the late s and early s an increase in violence in the United States took place and this was due primarily to an increase in violent acts committed by people under the age of Gangs has always been a phenomenon in immigrant societies because of the lack of family ties.

They may be seeking protection from rival gangs or violent crime in general, especially when the police are distrusted or ineffective. Gangs are an adaptive social mechanism for satisfying the needs of some youth which are not, or can not be, met through traditional and socially acceptable avenues.

These kids have not experienced success - and neither have their parents.

List of gangs in the United States

We define group delinquency as law-violating behavior committed by juveniles in relatively small peer groups that tend to be ephemeral, i. The Brotherhood is also known as The Brand or AB or One-Two has been in operation since the s, and while they origins may have had central themes in common with Nazism, it has evolved into a true criminal syndicate.

A member of Mara Salvatrucha Hispanic gangs form the largest group of ethnic-based gangs in the United States. The activities of organized criminal groups are highly varied, and include drug, weapons, and human trafficking including prostitution and kidnappingart theftmurder including contract killings and assassinationscopyright infringementcounterfeiting, identity theft, money launderingextortionillegal gambling, and terrorism.

Consequently, the member of the subculture gains in self-esteem and in social status. They specialize in all types of illegal behavior: Placing these children in special classes, tracks, or programs puts them together.

The reasons why I believe gangs form, what they offer their members, and why some youths join them, are presented in the chart below. Do you know what I mean?

Additionally, hyperactivity, low self-esteemand lack of role models can contribute as well. From Paynep. Moore encapsulates the multi-causal perspective on gangs when he suggests that four community conditions often precede the transition from typical adolescent groupings to established youth gangs.

There are a few, however, which regularly appear in chronic gang communities. They believed unmet needs drove many youths to join gangs, as did greed and fear. The answer to it reveals why some youths join gangs and, correspondingly, the needs gangs fulfill for youths which are going unmet.

People who have the resources have those things. I asked the principal of an alternative middle school why some youths get involved in gangs. As a result, gangs evolved and we now associate them with much negativity simply because they often deals with illegal activities. But the Chicago PD did a major sweep and imprisoned a lot of these gang leaders.

Addressing and removing them would have a major impact upon the gang phenomenon. This is certainly one scary bunch.The Crips and Bloods have become the most well-known of California's African American gangs, They are involved in robberies, burglaries, assaults, drive-by shootings, murders, and narcotics trafficking throughout California and the United States.

Preventing Adolescent Gang Involvement Finn-Aage Esbensen gangs throughout the United States indi-cate that law enforcement agencies across To prevent gangs from forming and to keep juveniles from joining existing gangs, it is.

Gangs in the United States

Street tag of the Crips gang. Gangs in the United States include several types of groups, including national street gangs, local street gangs, prison gangs, motorcycle clubs, and ethnic and organized crime gangs.

Approximately million people were part of gangs as ofand more than 33, gangs were active in the United States. Many.

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Gangs Essay Examples. 68 total results. The Origins of Gangs and Their Reasons for Violence. 1, words. A Discussion on the Causes for the Forming of Gangs in the United States.

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3 pages. The Causes, Problems and Effects of Gangs on Society. words. 2 pages. Into The Abyss: A Personal Journey into the World of Street Gangs. by Mike Carlie The situation in the United States is repeated in other cultures, as I witnessed when studying the gang situation in Canada, England, and the Netherlands.

Nearly everyone I interviewed identified the causes of gang formation within a relatively narrow. Gangs in the United States topic.

Street tag of the Crips gang. Gangs in the United States include several types of groups, including national street gangs, local street gangs, prison gangs, motorcycle clubs, and ethnic and organized crime gangs.

A discussion on the causes for the forming of gangs in the united states
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