An overview of the disease of dealing with the unknown or bizzare the windigo psychosis

The researcher could connect windigo psychosis because a person who committed homicide could use windigo psychosis as a rational excuse to put away his feelings of guilt. What lips it had were tattered and bloody [ In the former Soviet Union, important people who publicly opposed government policy were sometimes considered mentally ill and were placed in mental institutions where they were kept sedated "for their own good.

More recently, another epidemic occurred in coastal Vietnam when some mothers were shocked to see that the penis and testes of their children had shrunk after swimming.

They are so hungry that they resort to the act of cannibalism in order to survive, and they cannot stop once they have taken that drastic step.

According to myth, these supernatural beings also called Wendigo or Witiko to the Cree were human flesh eaters. In the case of men, the concern is that their penis and testes are shrinking. Apotemnophilia Also known an amputee identity disorder, here the sufferer has a constant desire to amputate ones leg or any part of the body.

The extreme cold and snow made it seem a real possibility that people would not be able to find food and might starve, especially as the weather got warmer towards spring: These stories represent the threat of cannibalism as applied to notions of community harmony and balance.

Perhaps he originally ate human flesh as a result of starvation, but he did not have to keep eating it. In this case, it is the Windigo monsters who are the persecutors--they are trying to turn people into Windigo monsters like themselves.

Even so, a person may still consider cooking and eating another person in order to survive. These might include the force-feeding of copious doses of hot grease, including bear fat, melted deer tallow, and sturgeon oil, stuffing the individual to satisfy the cravings.

However, contemporary Native accounts show that there is still a widespread feeling in many Indian communities that the windigo is something negative, something to be feared and avoided. Autophagia This is one freaky disorder. It can be researched for hours from many different angles. Until recently, it was thought that kuru is caused by a virus with a prolonged incubation period.

The Wendigo featured is tall and thin, emaciated, with tar-black skin and antlers protruding from the top of its head.

While the frequency of Windigo Psychosis cases decreased sharply in the 20th century as forest and tundra dwelling Algonquian people came in to greater contact with Western ideologies and more sedentary lifestyle, there is substantial evidence to suggest that Windigo Psychosis did exist, including a number of credible eyewitness accounts, both by Algonquians and by Westerners.

People who have Windigo psychosis increasingly see others around them as being edible. This disorder is neurological, spiritual and physical. Looking at the Windigo phenomenon from the point of view of group sociodynamics instead of individual psychodynamics reveals that the crucial question is not what causes a person to become a cannibalistic maniac, but under what circumstances a Northern Algonquian is likely to be accused of having become a cannibalistic maniac and thus run the risk of being executed as such.

Stress could be an important factor that could trigger hunger for the same species. This resulted in the penis being torn off some of the boys. Windigos are viewed as monsters because they really are.

The encounter apparently drove him mad. Some reasons are more valid than others. They could also use this as a basis for research papers. The individual changes ones behavior to that of an animal that includes crawling on the ground, eating grass and making weird animal sounds.

It is said that if a man consumes human flesh, he would gain supernatural abilities like super strength, super speed, and even immortality. Scope and Delimitation This study focuses only on why people who are outside the culture of believing in windigos can still be affected by the windigo psychosis.

Kuru victims become progressively emaciated. These tales are passed down by oral tradition as a warning to scare children into behaving, but the stories had to originate somewhere. These individuals are usually teenagers or young adults who are not attracted to the ordinary life of a subsistence farmer.

Subsequently, the individual would develop a characteristic delusion of being transformed into a Windigo monster. The resolution to this situation is to carry out a marriage ceremony in which the disturbed person is married to the spirit.

Back in the day people suffering from them were termed demonic and were quarantined away from the general public. A modern medical diagnosis of this condition might label it as paranoia because of irrational perceptions of being persecuted — though in these cases, the persecutors themselves are supernatural beings, Windigo monsters that are trying to turn the individual into something more like themselves.

These Are The Most Bizarre, Strange, Outlandish Mental Disorders! #15 Freaked Me Out!

Windigo Psychosis still occur nowadays. Strangely enough a priest did arrive — apparently the first ever in that area — and found all the villagers huddled in a shack, fearing for their lives.In Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo is a mythical man-eating monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada.

At the center of the film is the emergence of the iconic Wendigo, John Boyd, whose literal turn to cannibalism is metaphorical of a nation en route to adopting a collective consciousness of consumption that is a form of Wendigo psychosis.

While plenty of people heard stories of such a psychosis, but few seemed to meet a Wendigo sufferer in the flesh. One of the few people to actual see a person with the psychosis was a missionary named J E Saindon, who travelled around in the early s.

These are generally referred to as culture specific diseases or culture bound syndromes. Kuru is a fatal culture specific disease of the brain and nervous system that was found among the South Foré people of the An example is Windigo psychosis.

Wendigo Psychosis

This condition was reported among the Northern Algonkian language group of. Windigo Psychosis is a culture-bound mental disorder. That means the disease is only recognizable within a particular society. Culture bound disorders or also known as culture specific disorders or folk illnesses are the disorders that only a specific culture can develop or obtain.

Mar 24,  · Windigo psychosis could be related to aggression cannibalism because first of all, one of the symptoms of windigo psychosis is craving for human flesh. Next, people diagnosed with windigo psychosis are said to be violent and may attack at any moment.

This shows the characteristic of aggression.

An overview of the disease of dealing with the unknown or bizzare the windigo psychosis
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