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A President different from others, seeing himself, certainly more than any before him, a man elected by the people for the people. Jackson was president from to Rachel Donelson Robards Jackson Education: Who was Andrew Jackson?

June 18, Party: Whereas they had sought to veto only legislation thought to be unconstitutional, Jackson vetoed any legislation with which he strongly disagreed or that he thought detrimental to the progress or well-being of the country. This time Andrew Jackson was swept into office on a wave of popularity few others have enjoyed, a popularity sustained throughout the two terms he served.

In the latter year he was captured by the British. Why is Andrew Jackson Famous? His father died before he was born, leaving his poor wife and children poorer still.

Jackson maintained that he was born in South Carolina, and the weight of evidence supports his assertion. Andrew Jackson was seventh president of the United States and the first Westerner to be elected president.

He also did what was in his power to better the Andrew jackson frontier aristocrat man in the economy.

Old Hickory Reason for Nickname: On the other hand, he made at a surprisingly early age one of the finest lawyers the country had seen, popular and respected wherever he went. Brief summary of some major events: Jackson was a common man, and stood up for the common people.

His election marked the end of a political era dominated by the planter aristocracy of Virginia and the commercial aristocracy of New England. He had become a wealthy Tennessee lawyer and risingyoung politician by But as his life unfolded, it became more and more apparent Andrew Jackson was a fascinating world of paradoxes—and often contradictions—who would both fashion and represent what America was fast becoming.

His actions were what became known as Jacksonian Democracy, which ultimately bolstered American nationalism. He was the 7th President of the United States.

What state did Andrew Jackson come from? Key points in his life were the Revolutionary war, war ofthe time commander-in-chief, he should be credited with the forging of the Democratic political party symbol. Dramatically reduced the national debt, almost eliminating it.

New tariff Bill replacing the "tariff of abomination" Four years later he joined the Patriot Army as courier between units. It then expanded into the higher reaches of the administation. Jackson was born on the western frontier of the Carolinas, an area that was in dispute between North Carolina and South Carolina, and both states have claimed him as a native son.

The term "aristocracy" is derived from the Greek aristokratiaaristos excellent and kratos state [2] In most cases titles of aristocracy were and are hereditary, passing on death of an aristocrat to another family member, typically the eldest son or eldest child.

Proclamation denouncing the doctrine of nullification andwarning South Carolina to obey federal tariff law. He was also known as a fierce warrior,rising to be a Major General in the War of On a more controversial note, he helped in the forced migration of Native Americans from the east to the west which occurred soon after he left office.

He fought his way to leadership and wealth in a frontier society, and his success established a bond with the common people that was never broken. He was the seventh president of the United States, and a good general. Although Jackson garnered the most popular votes, the final decision was cast by the House of Representatives who favored John Quincy Adams, son of the great patriot and second President John Adams.

Probably because at one point in time that is exactly what he was. American nationalism was growing in the early nineteenth century, and the aristocracy was dying out.

Stopped South Carolina from Seceding. He moved to western Tennessee while a young man. On the one hand, he was a fierce, wild, gambling, and brawling son of a Scotch-Irish frontiersman.

Shortly after being imprisoned, he refused to shine the boots of a British officer and was struck across the face with a sabre. Georgia - supreme court decision not enforced byJackson.Chap 9 Jackson could be described as a A) frontier aristocrat B) southern plantation owner C) poor western farmer D) wealthy eastern merchant E) champion of the oppressed classes %(3).

Andrew Jackson got his name "King Andrew" because he often abused his powers as a president.

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Most people believed that he was unjust. Made many laws without permission; refuse d the national bank (which was a good thing, states should be incarge of the way they handle money. not the goverment). The Democratic Aristocrat: Nashville’s Andrew Jackson. by Bill Izard.

Nashville, Tennessee. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) popular and respected wherever he went. By the time he moved further out on the frontier to Tennessee territory’s Nashville, Jackson had already developed the persona he would carry with him.

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Who were the aristocrats?

Andrew Jackson was not plainly a common man or an aristocrat, in fact a combination of the two. He came into popularity on the frontier and was not of aristocratic decent he is.

Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson () was the seventh president of the United States (). He made his way to wealth in a frontier society and leadership. All of the common people liked .

Andrew jackson frontier aristocrat
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