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Here in India, infrastructure, which is integral for smooth logistical operations, is one of them. I think that with the global economy sort of synergising and aligning there are huge opportunities for a supply chain company. Regarding transforming airfreight, it depends on which part of airfreight we are talking about.

This policy is available internally through our intranet and shared within our existing and potential suppliers, both locally and at our outports.

We also have specific teams that work with the large Indian corporate companies, as well as the multinationals. Blockchain is certainly a focus, but digitisation is also critical. We worked with our Inflight, Product and Procurement teams to understand better how to procure more sustainable containers, cutlery and materials for our inflight meal service products, specifically for those items of single use.

Legal and regulatory compliance Intolerance for the use of forced and child labour Appropriate compensation and working hours Health and safety in the workplace No discrimination against employees Upholding human rights in the workplace Having high ethical standards Extending social responsibility to their subcontractors and service providers Maintaining documentation and permitting our inspection The Code of Conduct forms part of the supply tenders and contracts managed by our local offices.

We are also able to work together to create new avenues, and forge solutions that make the whole supply chain process more robust. Read more about Sustainable sourcing.

Procurement policies and systems

I spent most of my career in sales and marketing functions, but then moved into general management 10 to 15 years ago. We need Cathay pacific supply chain curtail the different segments that a customer interacts with and make it more comprehensible for them.

Download PDF version Procurement policies and systems We require the procurement of all goods to be undertaken with full compliance in regards to the applicable laws, tax regimes and regulations that govern the specific transaction, with full cognisance taken for our Anti-Bribery, Anti-Trust and Data Protection policies.

This includes crypto-currencies and smart contracts, which have their role in finance and legal agreements. What are the challenges?

India is a very big market because of the quality of the products that we manufacture. Cathay Pacific is a reliable partner, and we work in unison to create confidence with the customer.

Both Cathay Pacific and DSV have a common customer, and we play our parts to ensure that we achieve their objectives. This will make them see the value of working with an organisation such as ours. I also like to read, not so much fiction anymore but biographies and political books. I have been in this industry now for nearly 30 years, and I have worked in several different organisations.

Our aim for this exercise was to create the tools and procedures that will help steer our procurement decisions towards plastics with a much lower environmental impact for our immediate future. Inwe focused on expanding our SEDEX usage across the oneworld alliance membership group and will be leveraging the collaborative platform to gather valuable actionable corporate responsibility data from our supply chain in the near future.

A lot of youngsters today are interested in the industry through a formal educative process and can choose it as a career rather than entering by default as I did. As a company we are trying to improve in this area. How will blockchain help create the paperless, transparent system that gives everyone who needs it visibility?

Our Supply Chain and Procurement Commitments

What does the ideal transparent, end-to-end, shipment journey look like? It could be formulations, generic drugs, or temperature controlled shipments. Only the market can answer this question. I got a job at a freight forwarding company, and the rest is history. Family time is very important to me.

We have different channels to fulfil our sales and marketing needs. A lot of it is just-in-time transport because the cost of maintaining inventory is very high. Outside of work, how do you fill your time? Compliance with the Code of Conduct is included as a contractual requirement for all of our suppliers.Procurement and Supply Chain Management; Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China; Cathay Pacific; Reports to: Catering and Lounge Procurement Manager.

Department: Procurement and Aircraft Trading (APD) Cathay Pacific is an Equal Opportunities Employer. Personal data provided by job applicants will be used strictly in accordance. Keywords: airline supply chain management, cathy pacific analysis, airline scm Ans: The year saw a downturn in the global economy where aviation industry was severely hit by fall in air traffic.

While airlines were struggling with declining profits, the complicacy of the operations in the aviation continued to bother airlines throughout the world with Cathay pacific being no exception.

Cathay Pacific Airways Limited is a very profitable airline and has its business all over the world. Aviation Spare Parts Supply Chain Optimization. Print Reference this There is no need to change Cathay Pacific's supply chain system as they can just raise an order or necessary requests and the rest will be handled by 3PL provider.


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CathayPacific. Uploaded by darthfat. Related Interests. Procurement; Supply Chain; Mention the concerns of key managers in Cathay Pacific regarding the e-procurement system implementation. CXeBuy. Director Supply Chain Operations in Atlanta GA Resume David Lang.

uploaded by. DavidLang2. Cathay Pacific. uploaded by. We have also improved our sustainable procurement policies and systems over the years. Since the launch of our Supply Chain Sustainability Code of Conduct inwe published a revision in to include our standards for business ethics, which reflect our strong preference to work with suppliers who share our commitment towards honesty and.

Blockchain alone will not lead to integration or simplification of the global supply chain or airfreight. Other ‘forces’ may do that but it won’t be driven by blockchain. How will blockchain help create the paperless, transparent system that gives everyone who needs it visibility?

Cathay Pacific Cargo office.

Cathay pacific supply chain
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