Education system in vietnam essay

Sometimes, four- or five-year-old children are taught the alphabet and basic arithmetic. In addition, many Australian private schools but not all are either exclusively all boys or all girls. When the Ho Royal family ruled the country, students were taught simple mathematics.

Girls wear long dresses ao dai. Many come to Vietnam for the promise of a high salary for easy work — their job is usually showing the children flashcards and playing games with them. It is quite different from Vietnam because almost schools here, both public and private schools, are co-educational.

Comparison Of The Education System Between Vietnam And The United States Essay Sample

In fact, from Grade 10 in high school, students are taught about two different systems of morality existing in Vietnamese society, that is traditional morality and socialist morality. In order to address the problem, the reforms called on agricultural cooperatives and even "private citizens" to make contributions to local schools and to participate in "a movement for self-supply of teaching aids.

The higher the score, the more prestigious the school. In Australia, you can choose to have your children educated in public state government or private independent schools through the country.

Despite the similarities, the two educations have some very important differences in system division, kinds of school, school-time and studying. Students flock to these schools to increase their employment opportunities.

Moral education is also understood as perspectives, viewpoints and behaviour of people in such social relations as self in relation to other persons, groups and organizations SRV MOET, a, p. Another problem was that many retirement applications were held up at the ministry and not processed for several years.

School holidays are one week in April, two weeks in June or July, two weeks in September and seven or eight weeks over summer in December or January the number of weeks off over the summer will depend on your school, your level and state you live in.

In Vietnam, the structure is ; five years of elementary school gradesfollowed by four years of secondary school gradesand three years of high school grades This was a sharp decline from Graft is reportedly becoming a concern with regard to high school graduation certificates and university entrance examinations, with investigations revealing that qualifications and high marks are increasingly easy to buy.

The education system is very importance to every country. However, it is still a real challenge for the Vietnamese educational system to redefine the objectives and content of moral education in order to cope with the complexity of a fast-changing society.

Side by side with academic achievement, grades of self-improvement are the other important criteria qualifying students for selection for scholarships and grants. These are considered a pair of key qualities of social human beings that the socialist educational system aims to produce.

They still have to take the regular end-of-term examinations before taking the High School Graduation Examination. The majority of staff working in public schools are government officers or permanent staff members.

The Technology subject aims to show the link between theory and practice.

Education in Vietnam

However, churches and pagodas play a significant part in educating family cultures, community spirit and moral values among religious members. Mathematics, Physics, English Group B: Apart from three mandatory papers, student must complete a fourth paper by choosing either natural sciences a combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology or Social Sciences a combination of History, Geography, and Civic Education.

Starting from the entrance exam of10 artistic and cultural universities will remove Literature from the exam of the group H, N and S.

In addition, vocational education and training provides educational opportunities for those secondary school leavers who are unable to enter higher education [Source: During the Ly dynasty, the fundamental educational system was officially improved.

Composed of representatives of the school, parents, local administration, and various mass organizations, these councils were designed to promote more productive relations between the school and the local community. Then, with general education we have primary school from grade 1 to 5middle school from grade 6 to 9 and high school from grade 10 to A newspaper revealed that the qualifications of some administrators - most of them members of the communist party - were inadequate, with 65 percent of managers at state-owned-enterprises unable to read a balance sheet.Education system in vietnam essay, - Template for cover letters.


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Vietnamese and Australian Education Essay Sample

Vietnamese and Australian Education Essay Sample. Australia and Vietnam are the two countries located on different continents. In fact, the educations of the two countries also have some similarities as well as differences. Although Vietnam’s education system has improved, the limitations in cost, teaching methods and style of learning, and college admission examinations make Vietnam’s education system still backward.

Compare the British education system and the Vietnamese education system. Nowadays, the more the society develops the more important role education play. If you want to know how strong one country is, you must have to study about its education system.

In addition, vocational education and training provides educational opportunities for those secondary school leavers who are unable to enter higher education [Source: “Moral education or political education in the Vietnamese educational system” by Dung Hue Doan, Nong Lam University, Linh Trung, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The first thing that is different is the structure of the education system. In Vietnam, the structure is ; five years of elementary school (grades ), followed by four years of secondary school (grades ), and three years of high school (grades ).

Education system in vietnam essay
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