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When it comes to Argyris, organisations should fully utilise their employees by involving them in decision making in order for them to be satisfied in their workplace since, according to Heathfieldemployees should feel relevant in the organisation and that can be only achieve in involving them in making important decisions.

The GMB and TGWU in particular have threatened industrial action in and over the operation of the sickness absence scheme, management statements about absence levels and general concerns over what the unions see as worsening pay and conditions.

Those with the most fractious industrial relations — Air France, Aer Lingus, TAP, Olympic, and Alitalia — are those with some of the biggest financial problems in the wake of the deregulation of the industry in Europe and the rise of the low cost operators.

Significantly, BA had a near monopoly of domestic routes and a duopoly position in most of the international routes into and out of the UK. BA needs to meet expectations and growing dividends and profits from owners who have no commitment to its long term future.

Lastly, both have the same purpose and that is to manage the relationships of these people with one another as both definitions aims on the development of the company or the organisation. The new electronic communications era and social awareness generate a new economic system with political freedom and participatory industrial democracy on a global scale.

British Airways Case Study

Exclusions from health and safety legislation are a legal technicality. Originally developed to anticipate recession, this became a longer-term strategy to respond to the effects of an increasingly deregulated market. The context since the late s has been one of a changed regulatory environment, particularly in Europe, that has pushed airlines towards more aggressive cost-cutting measures see below often leading to severe industrial disruption.

A 30 minute delay on a London to Paris flight is far more significant than a 30 minute delay on a London to New York flight. Over all employees must work according to the contract.

A knowledge organization manager can achieve this result by reversing the work segregation policies of operating or traditional organizations that typically have assigned operating responsibilities to one group of employees and creativity to the other.

However, the rosy picture often painted of this period should be qualified. British Airways versus the Transport Union: Likewise, cabin crew were more likely to have experienced an intensification of work, declining job security and job satisfaction, and a deterioration in management-labour relations, earnings and hours of work.

However, the company has remnants of individualism as its recruitment policies are geared towards seeking talent within the existing structure of BA and not from outside. To see where the British Airways is now, it is safe to say that the strategies that the organisation developed and implemented at effective and helped them to be the largest airlines in the world.

Despite its efforts, or perhaps in some cases, because of them, employment relations at BA retain the potential for serious disruption. According to Capital Outsourcing Solutions n. Company-wide bargaining was undermined by the business units trying to negotiate local packages. In July this year, the success of the British Airways staff in halting the management attempt to cut the wages of cabin crew and to hive off catering demonstrated the imaginative militancy that can be displayed by workers relatively new to trade unionism; their success also demonstrated the new ability of trade unions to win public support in confrontations with macho management.

According to Kelly Servicesconflicts in a workplace can waste a huge amount of time and can really affect the performance of the organisation through lost productivity, perception costs and team erosion. These have often been difficult and protracted but have ultimately led in a number of cases to far-reaching changes in employment practices.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? One such example is the nurturing of cabin crew. The efficiency drive initiated by King has worked.

British Airways Employer and Employee Relations Essay

Collectivism, like individualism, has two extremes ranging from "willing cooperation at one end to a grudging acceptance at the other" Farnham D,p It is important to understand that no company is strictly individualist or collectivist and the links between the two employee relations are not incompatible with each other.

Actions mentioned above are necessary as proven by the motivations theories. At the international level, it has to compete with giants like Lufthansa and American Airlines Dalgleish, S, But its success had a darker side.

Commentary BA has steered a difficult and often contradictory course between cost-cutting and "macho management" on the one hand, and high quality and staff involvement strategies on the other.

The company faces a different form of competition in the international and domestic market. Of course, this does not mean that the airline should ensure planes depart late.

According to the British Airways Recruitment n. The union is also seeking the introduction of a single pay arrangement for cabin crew staff, rather than the existing two tier system, with staff hired after being paid less than those employed before that date.

There was evidence of lower employee morale and industrial disputes were a persistent feature - again, at least one bargaining group in dispute every year in the early s. For example, Air France experienced particular problems in the late s as management initiatives within a highly complex public sector institutional framework met with significant organised resistance.

The pact called for general wage increases of 5 percent retroactive to January 1,4 percent on December 31,4. If correct, then this observation suggests that implementing an operations strategy that focuses on ensuring planes depart on time may not be the right thing for British Airways to do, at this point in time, especially as the airline is trying to differentiate itself through superior service.

Retrieved April 25, from http: Remunerating and employing employees to contract, above minimum pay levels; exercising duty of care for employee welfare; providing a safe and healthy workplace; provision of public liability insurance; provision of appropriate training and protective clothing and equipment; provision of grievance procedures.In the early s, British Airways (BA) was incurring substantial losses, its reputation for reliability was poor, and its costs exceeded those of other major airlines.

In order to prepare for privatisation, new managers were appointed by the Conservative Thatcher government to turn the company round. BA pursued an "added-value business strategy" which prioritised customer service and which.

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Employee Relationship of British Airways (ba)

Published: 23rd March, employment relations is the"regulation of the employment relationship between employer and employee, both collectively and individually, and the determination of substantive and procedural issues at industrial, organisational and.

Employee Relationship of British Airways (BA) Brief description of organisation British Airways happens to be the ninth largest airline in the world, in. Employee Relationship of British Airways (BA) • Brief description of organisation British Airways happens to be the ninth largest airline in the world, in terms of the number of passengers it carries/5(1).

British Airways Employer and Employee Relations Essay If you were to think about your last journey on an aircraft, which features would spring to mind? The cramped, overcrowded space? A Review of the Employee Relations in the British Airways According to One World (n.

d.), a global union of the world’s ten biggest airlines, the British Airways, which is a founder member of the alliance, is the largest airline in the United Kingdom and is the leading international airline in the world.

Employee relationship of british airways ba
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