First grade writing activities using technology

This helps students truly understand the concepts underlying the math they learn. Print article Your first-grader may use technology to complete activities in a range of subject areas, including language arts, science, social studies, math, and art.

Adds and subtracts numberssolves word problems by using objects, drawings, and traditional equations with the plus and minus signs. They may go online to look at pictures of the solar system.

Make a Map of People You Know: In order to build reading skills, your 1st grader: Help support this by using technology at home with your child, in an appropriate and supervised manner. For example, students may write about a math problem, explaining how they solved it, or write about a topic they learned in science or social studies.

At home, give your child time to rest after school or allow him to play and exert his energy in the morning before school. Makes observations and records what she sees and learns using graphs, pictures, and words.

In order to build writing skills, your 1st grader: In addition, 1st graders develop their reading comprehension skills and talk more about and gain a deeper understanding of what they read.

Compare the sizes of different objects. The same applies to skill development. Your child can also read a book to you! This book by favorite author Kevin Henkes is commonly used in school to help students understand differences and how to interact with their friends.

Use a chart such as a T-chart or Venn diagram. Talk about where each person lives and the distance between the different places. Reads texts aloud at an appropriate speed and with expression. Time him to see how fast he can do this! When your child asks a question, research the answer together using books or computers under your supervision.

This practice as well as specific reading lessons are crucial to making 1st graders strong readers. Use magnetic letters, letter tiles, or cards from games to create both real and silly words.

After you experience something together or your child has an important moment or event, he can write a about it and illustrate it as though it is a story and share it with your family and friends.

Begins to tell and write time using both digital and analog clocks. Setting the table for meals can include lots of math as you and your child add the total numbers of utensils, plates, chairs, etc. If the students are learning about sea animals they may visit a website about whales to learn more about the subject.

Together, write down and draw pictures of what you notice. First grade is a crucial year for building reading skills.

The Guide to 1st Grade

Science In first grade your child may visit websites the teacher has bookmarked. Knows the difference between and reads fiction and non-fiction texts with purpose and an understanding of the plot and important ideas and characters. Uses her 5 senses to observe and learn about objects.

Similar to reading, writing occurs throughout the day as students learn a variety of subjects in addition to the specific writing lessons or times in class.

Develops communication and conversation skills. She can then write a description of what she drew and why she chose to draw it.Even the most prepared first grade teachers can use a little assistance when it comes to introducing little ones to the complex world writing. can provide that assistance with our first grade writing worksheets that were developed by education professionals. From our narrative writing. 40+ 1st grade technology lesson plans and activities for the entire school year that will make a great supplement to your technology curriculum.

These lesson plans and activities will save you so much time coming up with what to do during your computer4/5(60). Technology project ideas, lessons, and sample student work for integrating technology into first-grade classrooms. MENU.

Sign In. Teacher Resources. Narrative Writing. First graders are publishing their personal narratives using Wixie @ This FREE guide provides teachers with correlations and ideas for integrating Wixie activities into.

Creative Educator lesson plans for using technology to engage first grade students in the curriculum while building creativity, communication, critical. Your first-grader may use technology to complete activities in a range of subject areas, including language arts, science, social studies, math, and art.

Integrating technology into the classroom with any of these subjects is a great way to tackle the first step in technological literacy: Using. science worksheet, writing worksheet, technology worksheet, where do we use technology.

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First grade writing activities using technology
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