How to write a mystery shopper report

Once inside the movie theatre, I noticed there was popcorn on the floor and sticky in some places, as if something had been spilled on the floor and not properly cleaned up. Do not refer to yourself in the report. Had I seen Connie earlier, I would have told her my intention and left the bill on the table to show someone was still there.

It should not be restated in the narrative. Having worked from home for the last 6 years, I also find that being a reliable employee is a must to be successful at my job. How long before someone greeted you?

When I said no he explained the benefits and said that it was free to join. Here were 11 of the 25 questions asked in the report: The busboy seemed a little surprised and apologetic that I was not done eating.

Always explain your unchecked boxes. The client wants to know what happened while you were on assignment and your report is the only thing that will tell them what they want to know. In the end, explaining your No answers is in the best interest of the client, as they are the ones who decide whether a shop is valuable to them or not.

The information you received with your assignment should tell you how quickly you must submit revisions or answer questions by email. Always, always, always print out 1 the email confirming your assignment, 2 the guidelines that tell you what you must do, and 3 the questionnaire you will later complete as your report.

Writing Samples on Mystery Shopper Applications

This means that, if you notice that a Yes answer is a negative, you should try and explain it in your narrative as a general rule. I browsed the dairy aisle. Stating you called the restaurant at 2: It was a 7.

This made it so that we had to wait in line for 15 minutes and nearly missed the start of the movie. Whatever the client says they want, make sure you get it in the report.

You should also check for consistency. You may be surprised at how brief they are but you will find that companies are not looking so much for a long report but instead they are looking for a grammatically correct and detailed report! The 2 attribute of a great report is objectivity.

Everything in your report should be pertinent to the job that you did. You discreetly slipped into the restroom to jot important information on an index card. I have even encountered reports stating an associate shook hands with the shopper during a call!

Stay on topic The client only cares about the job that they are paying you to do. That way, places of business can improve their overall customer experience. This tells the client that they have to train their employees to check the floor for debris, not just clothing, when they do a dressing room check.

I sat down at a booth and she brought me a menu and took my drink order. He told me to let him know if I needed any help, then went back to the counter. The store was neatly arranged and well lit. Instead, give comments that add useful information or explain yes or no answers.

Most reports are submitted online. You wrote a report filled with fabulous details and filed it hours ahead of your deadline.

Mystery Shop Report Sample

Failure to do so will undoubtedly lower your grade or cause you to forfeit payment for your hard work. I did not see Connie again after the one time she checked back with me. You got to the right restaurant on time.

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Another note, although some mystery shopping companies will not admit this, most times, your mystery shop reports are "graded". The exterior of the restaurant looked pretty clean, except for one trash can that was overflowing with garbage. Include all the details you can remember.Mystery Shop Report Sample.

Do not fill out these fields if you are a mystery shopper or are interested in becoming a mystery shopper – please click here for information pertaining to becoming a mystery shopper. Name * First Last. Company Name * Industry. Email * Phone. Website. How to Write a Mystery Shopper Report.

The mystery shopper program pays individuals to go to a store or restaurant and evaluate the facility on several key performance areas, including cleanliness, how helpful the staff is, whether you found what you were looking for and the quickness of the service.

Once the shop has. Being a mystery shopper can be an exciting and interesting career. The job entails visiting businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, spas, fitness centers or any other type of establishment and making a purchase or using a service.

Once your visit to the establishment is complete, you will be required to. Mystery Shopper Report Writing tips that will hopefully help you prepare a more appropriately formatted, complete report.

Become a Mystery Shopper; both in the blanks where you list them and in the first sentence of the comments you write. Example: The Crab Cakes were hot and cooked well. There was plenty of crab, and the. Writing Samples on Mystery Shopper Applications. It shows your mindset and skills as a mystery shopper.

Filed Under: Applying to Mystery Shopping Companies Tagged With: mystery shopper applications, report writing, writing sample «May I Use Coupons on a Mystery Shop? As a secret shopper, after you complete your work, report writing is your final task.

However, you may be surprised on how the lengths of mystery shopping reports can vary. Some are short, and some can be extensive.

How to write a mystery shopper report
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