How to write an article about a famous person

Otherwise, you will be inviting censorship.

How to Write a Report on a Person

Learn More in the online course, Pitch and Article: Does she now understand the process? You can ask your subject the standard background information just to get the routine stuff out of the way and then move on to other questions.

Then briefly give background information on his childhood and the important events in his life. What are they wearing? Is their hair stylishly spiked? Because a profile cannot be complete without quotes - there is no way to write a profile without extensive interviewing. Decide what your angle is: Notability sports A sportsperson is presumed to be notable if the person has actively participated in a major amateur or professional competition or won a significant honor and so is likely to have received significant coverage in reliable secondary sources that are independent of the subject.

Begin by providing a little background information. This allows the article to be deleted after seven days if nobody objects see Wikipedia: Express Your Attitude To sum it all up, express your own opinion concerning this person and their life.

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Write a How-to Article in 6 Easy Steps

Like all other stories, profiles must have an angle, a primary theme. Thank you very much. So, in order to write a successful paper, you should stick to: Are you involved in any community organizations charities, church, etc. What to Write About Scientists When your task is to write about a famous person, you can definitely remember about prominent scientists or doctors and their priceless contributions to all those comforts we have today.

Or just go ahead and sprinkle your research in right when you find it. Step-By-Step Guide Follow these steps when working on your profile story:Nov 07,  · HUGH JACKMAN is a famous actor. He was born in Sydney, Australia on October 12th, So, he is 42 years old right now.

Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in major films, notably as action/superhero, period and romance characters.

24 thoughts on “ Write a How-to Article in 6 Easy Steps ” abdulwajidlakhani December 30, at am Researching a topic is very essential and is the area where many of us fails. Writing a report on a person is not a difficult project. It will take research to learn about the important events in the person's life.

A good report will include the milestones in a person's life. Mar 16,  · "Palimpsest." by Gore Vidal. He calls it a memoir, not an autobiography.

Famous People

He takes great delight in setting everybody straight. It's very amusing - with vignettes about all kinds of famous people. A person who is known only in connection with a criminal event or trial should not normally be the subject of a separate Wikipedia article if there is an existing article that could incorporate the available encyclopedic material relating to that person.

Write about the person’s influence on history, connections to other famous people, interesting hobbies or struggles with an illness or hardship, for example.

Some websites organize biographies according to culture, profession, newsworthy facts or other topics that make finding interesting information easier.

How to write an article about a famous person
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