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If an elderly person does however own a computer and has access to the Internet they still might encounter difficulties when it comes to using an online application such as a banking account. The online bank account application should be developed in accordance to what users may require, making a graphical user interface which is easy to navigate is most important.

Specific alterations to the application will take place to ensure there is no accessibility or availability issue. The application offers regular banking services such as bill paying, transactions, direct debit, financial forecasting, cash depositing and withdrawal requesting.

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For these reasons alone it is essential we increase the awareness of ageing issues over the online web community. These premium services include tax monitoring, cash-flow management, investment forecasting, advice on purchases and savings account interest information.

One particularly reason elderly people might choose not to use the Internet is because of the security concerns associated with it or they just might not feel confident enough with technology. All of these demographic factors must be taken into account when designing any online applications which is intended to be used by a broad spectrum of people.

Users will have high expectations of the application; therefore including a set of premium services which outline financial management schemes will certainly settle any consumer queries.

There is also an included set of add on premium services available to the application users to overview their financial situations. We hope to develop a universally acceptable platform which will provide a hassle free service to consumers.

For example students may choose to use the online account to view their college grant payments or part time work payments.

University students will be far more familiar with computing technologies and the concept of the Internet services as opposed to the pensioners who may not have ever used a computer before. When the user clicks onto the application they should be able to distinguish one menu option for the other, a good idea here would be to colour code headings for example using a colour red for withdrawal queries and a colour green for deposit queries.

Remote access to their accounts through the Internet is appealing to anyone as it saves you the trouble of travelling to your local branch to view your financial details and carrying out transactions. For example if a student is looking to check their student bank balance an icon should be clearly visible in a menu as opposed to having a small icon partially hidden on the page.

Some consumers may not be able to distinguish between adverts and the actual banking application. New user friendly technology needs to be developed and put into practice to assist elderly people and their banking needs. Combining all of these services essentially makes managing your money easier and more rewarding.

The introduction of online banking applications has helped provide a convenient service to people on a global scale over the past number of decade.

Social and economic factors also affect peoples use of the Internet, there is currently a significant pattern difference of Internet usage between young and old, male and female, rich and poor, and also well educated and less well educated.

Anywhere, anytime with online and mobile banking.

The Titan Banking application services are provided and based upon a multi-layer tier structure. We also wish to cater for our debilitated customers by creating a hassle free step by step guided service, over the past number of years many online companies have made reasonable adjustments to their online service delivery for the benefit of people with disabilities.

Different users will desire different outcomes from using the application therefore limiting functionality of the application itself is not an option. In comparison to students the elderly population might not be attending college which means their opportunities of using PCs are already limited unless they indeed purchase or already own one.

Arrow blinking and voice instructions could help colour blind people browse through the application. Online banking application titan banking third world countries will unfortunately have lower rates of well educated people, children or teenagers who have left school early or not attended at all may have no idea what Internet applications are really about.

Motivations for using the account will vary depending on the person using the application. This automated voice software will act as a tour guide to the Titan-Banking visitors by helping them through every step involved with accessing their bank accounts. There are numerous tasks associated with this process.

In a successful log-in the tasks are as follows: Get Access Online Banking Application: Making drastic changes to the layout for different page will almost certainly cause confusion and deter consumers.

Using a keyboard mouse and interacting with computer programs may prove to be too much to soon for inexperienced users. How can we make using the application an easy process is the main question we have been asked, developing the perfect application in terms of usability is a difficult process but most certainly semi achievable.

For example if a vision impaired consumer clicks onto the application they can use speakers or headphones to follow voice instructions. Part 2 — Task Analysis In the first part of this project we analysed our user needs and gathered together a list of requirements to fulfil those particular needs.If you require assistance in completing these forms, please contact our Internet Banking Unit at or NCB Business Online Banking Application Form.

Disclosures. You must be an owner/co-owner for all accounts in which you are requesting access. Use of your Online Banking ID and PIN is the agreed security procedure to access and use Online Banking services including online transfers and stop payments.

Online Banking Application: Titan-Banking Essay Sample

Online Banking Application. 1 Start 2 Online Banking 3 Complete. Enroll in Online Banking. Thank you for choosing to enroll in Better Banks' online banking service. You may terminate your Online Banking or Bill Payment service at any time by contacting our Online Banking Department.

No. Online Banking And Bill Pay Titan Provides A Variety Of Easy Options For Convenient Banking Titan Bank delivers real-time interactive account information solutions to our customers through our Internet Banking Solution. The Online Banking Software Solution - The worldwide leading Online Core Banking System.

Learn more about Titan. Core Banking Systems with modular components providing a comprehensive banking solution. Core banking application that supports integration of all the client loans into one system and comprehensive account tracking.

Online Banking Application Online Banking is available to current CUSB Bank customers that have active accounts. If you do not have accounts with us, please stop by any of our convenient locations today!

Online banking application titan banking
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