Point of view of greasy lake

When the three boys finally leave, they decline the drugs and company of the two girls. By using a first person point of view, the narrator is able to take the reader on a journey of a past experience that shaped his life in a major way. Boyle took the experience, though, and examined it from the Point of view of greasy lake side and through the pain of darker memories and events.

All of those will be based upon your opinion after having read and analyzing the book. Summary of Greasy Lake In the story three young men in their late teens set out on a summer night to look for trouble.

Source The story of "Greasy Lake" sets itself up as a typical "rebel without a cause" short story. It is alright to submit based upon the instructions your teacher gave. They want the image without all of the hardship. Once he and his friends get involved with someone much more dangerous than they are, they panic.

What works in the story? At this point, they have quit their roles as dangerous rebels. In that panic, they resort to foolish and thoughtless choices.

Summary and Analysis of T.C. Boyle's

This ends up being a mistake though as the car contains a man out with his girl. His anger at being harassed leads to a fight with the three of them.

As they come out of hiding to survey the damage to the car and search for and find the dropped keys, another car pulls up to the lake. While the actual events took place during a time "when it was good to be bad," 1 the narrator lists several laughable characteristics that defined him and his friends, Digby and Jeff, as "dangerous characters" The narrator ends up hitting the man with a tire iron, knocking him out.

Feeling guilt at their own lives of luxury.

What Point of View Is

They were well-educated so we assume boys who got caught up in a dangerous situation that left them face to face with a real bad character who displayed what they were ironically trying to imitate. But before anything happens, they are interrupted by another car coming into the parking lot.

Those are just some opinions that you can provide to the teacher in this paper. So the narrator, for one night, truly immerses himself into the perceived life of badness that he wants and the results are that he wants to go backback to the safety of his home, his parents, his cushioned life.

Even though this is what they originally set out to do, their rebellious spirit is gone.

In T. Coraghessan Boyle's

That would include its strengths and weaknesses in an over all manner. They were "able to manage a ford with lousy shocks" 26they could roll a joint that was "compact as a tootsie roll stick," 27 they could lounge on booming speakers, and they wore mirror shades almost everywhere they went, no matter how unnecessary like the shower.

They have embraced this idea of rebellion and do their best to act like members of a dangerous gang to live out that fantasy. The sarcastic tone acts as evidence to the previous made statement that the story shows growth within the narrator who is able to joke about his mistakes and share the story as if he were re-living it.

Greasy Lake Themes

Do you have any guide questions for your essay? That would help you better create a point of view and respond properly to the expectations of the teacher when she grades your paper.

After I read this statement of yours, I wondered why you did not include these thoughts and feelings in the beginning of the paper. As the narrator is waiting in the weeds and muck of the greasy water he comes across the bloated body of a corpse.

Who is the strongest character and why? Yet they also lack the ability to leave the comforts of their upper middle class lifestyle and suburbia life.

They leave the lake in the beat up car as the narrator notes "I thought I was going to cry.The Greasy Lake Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

Thus, he narrates the short story from a first person subjective point of view. Tone and Mood. The tone used in the story is violent, chaotic and. Nov 13,  · The opening to Greasy Lake is a line from Springsteen's song "Spirit In the NIght." The line is "It's about a mile down on the dark side of Route " But the plot of the lyrics are embedded in the story.

The song includes the story of some people deciding to go up to greasy lake to have a good mi-centre.coms: 6. Dec 10,  · Point of View in "Greasy Lake" In "Greasy Lake," T.

Coraghessan Boyle uses a first person point of view to illustrate a detailed encounter that taught him that pretending to be someone that you aren't, will inevitable affect your judgment and leave you facing major consequences. Dec 06,  · In the short story “Greasy Lake,” T.C.

Boyle presents a group of male teenagers who go through the phase detailed above. Toward the end of the story, the protagonist makes a decision about what route to take in life because of an epiphany he has.

The incident that sends the narrator into the lake continues this realization for the narrator and the encounter with the dead body suddenly causes the narrator to change his point of view.

Where is the climax of "Greasy Lake"? There are several places in the story that you could argue are the actual climax.

In terms of the action, you could point to the entrance of the other car that scares the boys out of their plan Discuss the setting of the story "Greasy Lake" by T.

Coraghessan Boyle.

Point of view of greasy lake
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