Role of ppp in pakistan

Each union council comprised ten directly elected members and five appointed members, all called Basic Democrats. However, since Pakistan has basically supported the West in their war against fundamentalist terrorismincluding the removal of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

It goes to the credit of Yahya Khan that the first general elections in the history of Pakistan were held during his regime in December The Rann of Kutch conflict was resolved by mutual consent and British sponsorship and arbitration, but the Kashmir conflict proved more dangerous and Role of ppp in pakistan.

He was commissioned in the Indian Army in However, these developments were unaware to military, and Bhutto increased his pressure on Mujib to reach a decision.

Tax concessions were offered for investment in less-developed areas. Yahya Khan soon promised elections on the basis of adult franchise to the National Assembly, which would draw up a new constitution.

The constitution retained some aspects of the Islamic nature of the republic but omitted the word Islamic in its original version; amid protests, Ayub Khan added that word later. Ayub Khan maintained a high public profile, often taking trips expressly to "meet the people. Instead of satisfying the Bengalis it intensified their separatism since they felt that the west wing had politically suppressed them since Efforts were made to popularize the regime while the opposition was muzzled.

Inthe co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari announced to end the fourth dictatorship when he quoted: More significant, perhaps, was the noticeable underrepresentation of politicians from the East Wing.

In Octoberthe government sponsored a celebration called the Decade of Development. Broadly speaking, the agreement allocated use of the three western Indus rivers the Indus itself and its tributaries, the Jhelum and the Chenab to Pakistan, and the three eastern Indus tributaries the Ravi, Beas, and Sutlej to India.

Perhaps more than any other Pakistani, Ayub Khan was responsible for seeking and securing military and economic assistance from the United States and for aligning Pakistan with it in international affairs.

He also aimed to establish the groundwork for future stability through altering the economic, legal, and constitutional institutions. The authority of the civil service was augmented in the Basic Democracies, and the power of the landlords and the big industrialists in the West Wing went unchallenged.

The orthodox religious political parties, including the Jamaat-i-Islami led by Maulana Maududi, which had repeatedly declared that a woman could not hold the highest office of a Muslim country, modified their stance and supported the candidature of Miss Fatima Jinnah.

The views expressed by the writer are purely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Story Of Pakistan.

Presidential Election

The campaign however suffered from a number of drawbacks. As army commander in chief and for a time as minister of defense inAyub Khan was empowered to veto virtually any government policy that he felt was inimical to the interests of the armed forces. Geography of Pakistan This is a map of Pakistan and Kashmir, as it is seen from space.

Except for her brief tour to East Pakistan inshe had not participated in politics since Independence. A message was convened and Mujib decided to meet Bhutto. However, this law which was similar to the one passed on family planning, was relatively mild and did not seriously transform the patriarchal pattern of society.

Ayub Khan probably was selected because of his reputation as an able administrator, his presumed lack of political ambition, and his lack of powerful group backing.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution confirmed him as President till the election of his successor. In AprilDr. The American political scientist Lawrence Ziring observed that, Yahya Khan has been widely portrayed as a ruthless uncompromising insensitive and grossly inept leader For the masses, Ayub Khan had become the symbol of inequality.

The views expressed by the writer are purely their own and do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of Story Of Pakistan.General Yahya Khan Former Army Chief of Pakistan was born in Chakwal.

He Studied at Punjab University. Declared Martial Law in the country on March 25, Pakistan has a federal parliamentary system. The head of state is an indirectly-elected ceremonial Electoral college of the country, (composed of the Senate, the National Assembly, and the four Provincial Assemblies) chooses a leadership representing the President of Pakistan for a five-year president is also the.

Pakistan Peoples Party

Sada-e-Watan Sydney Community News. Zafar Hussain Javed Shah Dr.


Akram Hassan Dr. Shabbir Haider Editor-in-Chief Editor Advisor Advisor. Former cricket star Imran Khan declared victory in Pakistan s election Here are the events as they unfolded.

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Role of ppp in pakistan
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