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She was left to sit alone day after day. Genie continued to improve as she went to speech therapy, studied sign language and received psychological help. I feel there were some researchers who did exploit her in the name of science.

Unfortunately, her father committed suicide shortly after Genie was found and her mother claimed to be a victim of the abusive father and was not found guilty.

Genie was placed in several foster homes where she was believed to have been physically, emotionally and sexually abused. Genie is not her real name; it has been changed to hide her identity. Butler, while trying to provide Genie with a reasonable home life, began to alienated the researchers and therapist, who had been treating Genie.

Genie was then placed somewhere in California in a group home. Genie seemed more like an infant than a thirteen year old. Genie proved to be quite intelligent. Genie stopped talking and began to regress.

Curtiss observed and tested Genie almost daily and took her shopping and on other outings, which Genie seemed to enjoy. At thirteen years old, on November 4,she was discovered and was taken into custody by officials. Her exact whereabouts have never been publicly disclosed.

She was still even wearing diapers when a social worker discovered her. Due to a number of reasons, some of which they neglected to document research appropriately and perform test to prescribed standards.

David Rigler and his wife Marilyn. Genie had not learned language or heard almost no words in her thirteen years. Some people felt that the experiments took away any chance for Genie to have a normal life, but the researchers made efforts to give Genie positive social contact by making her part of the researchers families, taking her on outings, and letting her see and explore the world.

However, at the time not much beyond very simple sentences.Essay about Secrets of a Wild Child: George Herbert - George Herbert Mead was an American Philosopher and a Social Theorist.

He was born in in South Hadley, Massachusetts. Mead had a religious upbringing. “Secrets of the Wild Child” Video Worksheet. Briefly describe the circumstances surrounding the discovery of “Genie”: She was discovered by a social worker at the age of 13 in a room isolated from her mother and father.

She was also found with a diaper around her and the only thing she had was a bed and a potty chair. Introduction. The secret of the wild child is a movie that focuses on a young girl's story called Genie. Genie suffered great humiliation through isolation during the first ten years of her life as she was tied to a chair.

Secrets of a Wild Child

Genie was a child who was kept virtually a prisoner. She was held by her parents in a suburb of Arcadia, Los Angeles, California. At thirteen years old, on November 4,she was discovered and was taken into custody by officials. Film analyses: “Genie: The secret of the Wild Children” Genie is a wild child who found in LA onshe is a very extreme case of neglected the caretaking from adult.

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Her father believed she is retarder She spent her first thirteen years on tiding at the potty chair and still wearing diaper, she had never see, listen, being taught of anything in her life. This essay explores the themes in The Call of The Wild.

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Secrets of the wild child essay
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