Should marijuana legalized medicinal purposes

The trend is moving toward legalization. Here are three reasons why medical cannabis should be legalized. Studies show that marijuana can be used treating depression, insomnia, bipolar disorder, and anxiety.

Should Medical Marijuana Be Legal?

Inflammatory pain - Cannabinoids seem to be more effective than opiates in treating long-term, chronic pain. Why Should Medical Marijuana be Legal? Eventual the drug resurfaced in the s where it became associated with hippies and Woodstock and became popular for its recreational use. People suffering from the advanced stages of AIDS found relief when smoking marijuana.

On the other hand, some supporters think changing the perception of marijuana from a party drug to a medication might make it less attractive to teens wanting to defy or rebel.

Many experts believe that cannabis is a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals for relieving symptoms related to many illnesses. Foul play by a specific pot retailer will be more easily flagged.

States with legalization are doing just fine. However, after looking at all the information that has been gathered in regards to this topic, the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes would be more beneficial to the United States for many good reasons.

Cancer - Relieves nausea during chemotherapy treatment, may prevent the spread of some cancers. The body also produces its own cannabinoid chemicals. Email On the street, what do they call it now, "weed?

When it became illegal, its use as a medicine became restricted. Synthetic THC doses are inflexible meaning that larger quantities must be taken making the onset of effectiveness delayed.

Should patients be allowed to grow their own plants? When marijuana is taken along with the oral medications that usually accompany chemotherapy treatment, it suppresses and sometime eliminates those side effects as well Grinspoon If there were any doubt how much our federal government is against marijuana, there was a sharp reminder from the recent U.

The correlation between regulation and public safety is a common sense principle borne out by history in countless industries.Some argue that Congress should change marijuana's classification under the Controlled Substances Act.

If it were no longer a Schedule I drug, its medicinal benefits could be recognized legally. But if medical marijuana were legalized, there could be repercussions outside the realm of medicine.

Marijuana as Medicine

Should Marijuana be legalized for Medicinal Purposes? Essay Sample. Legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes has been an extremely controversial topic, one that has it.

Because the marijuana plant contains chemicals that may help treat a range of illnesses and symptoms, many people argue that it should be legal for medical purposes.

Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized for Medicinal Purposes?

In fact, a growing number of states have legalized marijuana for medical use. Some states or countries want it legalized for medicinal purposes, others want it legalized for recreational use. Yet, others feel it should just be legalized period with no restrictions.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why marijuana should be legalized worldwide. MARIJUANA USED FOR HEALTH REASONS legalizing marijuana will allow. This article explains the benefits of the medical use of marijuana and gives solid reasons why it is important for all states to legalize it.

Legalize Medical Marijuana, Doctors Say in Survey.

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Should marijuana legalized medicinal purposes
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