The choice between presidentialism and parliamentarism politics essay

The next rally is already scheduled for March From this statement, two points can be inferred. Who wants to be a prime minister? The first one concerns the genuine political capital enjoyed by president-elect Armen Sarkissian.

As he was serving his second presidential mandate and was barred from seeking election for a third time, it was suspected that transitioning from a semi-presidential to a parliamentary system was a way for President Sargsyan to retain his power, in the guise of prime minister. Even if President Serzh Sargsyan never gave unequivocal statements about his long-term political ambitions, from the beginning this reform was widely suspected to be a tool to extend his power after his second, and last, presidential mandate.

Other than that, the close relationship between the President and President-elect cast some doubts on the legitimacy of the latter. While Armen Sarkissian vehemently declared that he has renounced his British citizenship acquired in insome evidence seems to suggest that he did so only in However, despite the concerns of the opposition and civil society, members of cabinet dismissed these allegations as groundless.

While the current President Serzh Sargsyan has not openly expressed his intention to run as prime minister [2] to be selected in Aprilhe played a crucial role in the nomination of president-elect Armen Sarkissian, fuelling rumours about him becoming prime minister.

As noted by Mr Pashinyan, at this point, only massive grassroots protests can prevent Serzh Sargsyan from becoming prime minister. However, in his opinion, President Sargsyan would be the most qualified candidate.

In brief, the Yelk blocwhich holds 9 out of parliamentary seats, was the only coalition to oppose Sarkissian as the sole candidate president [3]. According to the independent Armenian analyst Saro Saroyan, these dynamics are remarkably worrisome: The HHK partysupported by the junior partner Dashnaktsutyun, enjoys a parliamentary majority solid enough to install any candidate of its choice.

Additionally, he has been a senior advisor for companies such as British Petroleum, Alcatel and Telefonia. As per the constitution, presidential candidates must have been solely Armenian citizens for the previous six years.

For instance, the National Security Service and Police will be reporting directly to the premier. He is due to take office on April 9. By contrast, the opposition considers the handling of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as one of the reasons why Serzh Sargsyan should step down.

Please explain the difference between presidentialism and parliamentarism.

Against this background, it was no surprise when he was elected by a landslide in the first round. This was not an obvious choice, as Dr Sarkissian has been living abroad mostly in the UK for the past decades, holding first academic fellowships and then diplomatic posts.

Leave a reply On March 2, the Armenian parliament elected the next president of the country. Notes [1] Some sources transliterate his last name as Sargsyan. In spite of this evidence, Sargsyan did not take any concrete action to improve the situation [7]. Similarly, Vahram Baghdasarianthe head of the HHK parliamentary faction, said that Serzh Sargsyan is the most suitable person for the job, also due to the tensions with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, the head of the Yelk faction, the 4-days-war with Azerbaijan in April exposed the poor conditions of the Armenian army, which was still equipped with weapons from the s. Remarkably, even though President Serzh Sargsyan has not announced his plans yet, senior members of his party HHK have indicated that he is the ideal prime minister.

On occasions, doubts have been raised about the transparency of his business activities. This triggered not only unhappiness from the opposition, but also protest rallies.

Last weekend, rallies started to take place in the city centre. Furthermore, he never presented any UK-issued formal document about his citizenship status.The symbolic and the political power in the parliamentary system is, unlike the presidential system, separated in two separate individuals and the two individuals are usually called ‘the head of state’ and ‘chief executive’ and the title is subject to change in different countries.(Cite).

The conceptualization of the relationship between executives and legislatures (henceforth “forms” or “systems”of government) is central to scholarship oncomparative politics, and no categorization is more influential than the tri-partite distinction between presidentialism, parliamentarism, and.

Presidentialism and Parliamentarism are two of the most commonly practised political systems in modern politics, whether they be existing in pure forms or hybrid forms. Amongst the two, which system is more conducive to the maintenance of political stability, particularly in newly democratized states, has remained heatedly discussed.

Democracy and Political Obligation Essay; Democracy and Political Obligation Essay. Presidentialism and Parliamentarism are two of the most commonly practised political systems in modern politics, whether they be existing in pure forms or hybrid forms. Amongst the two, which system is more conducive to the maintenance of political stability.

Latin American Presidentialism in Comparative and Historical Perspective Indeed, we found that stereotypes regarding presidentialism and parliamentarism are just that, the choice was not between presidential and parliamentary -Latin American?.

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The choice between presidentialism and parliamentarism politics essay
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