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The caste plank is used more extensively in rural areas and the political parties find it easier to mobilize support directly from the members of a caste community by appealing to them. The Indian politicians eating the resources and income of the country to fulfil his own ambitions and objectives and pave the way for his coming generations.

They always remember that all rules of the politics. There is vast difference in the caste scenario between southern and northern India. People expect good qualities in a politician. The overall proportion of forward Hindu castes in India is only In the eastern and north-eastern states the hold of caste is much weaker.

Economic development of all the sections of the society should be the aim of politicians. In Kerala also caste considerations have played an important role.

He can do anything at all to achieve his personal objectives. The principles are the moral principles. They should come forward in support of public-welfare schemes such as food for all, house for all, education for all, etc.

In the context of interactions between caste and politics Rajni Kothari has pointed out three major aspects of caste system. They should exercise wisdom in every work of national politics. But most people, like me, believe in a balanced amalgamation of the youth and the experienced in the political sphere.

Now they have become the object at courtship by all political parties as they constituted half the population of the country. In between these two aggregates there lies a vast number of other backward classes which forms The fact remains that the common masses do not want to enter the political arena, thus remain passive or entirely indifferent.

In Andhra Pradesh caste politics is reflected the Kammas and Reddys. The reason is simple and straight, which is given below He is the person who at one time He was on some lower strata of the hierarchy of the social set up Once he becomes a politician, he has a magical rise to the highest rung of the same hierarchy And then he rules on the country So, this individual who was once a part of the general public having attained the top slot in society is bound to develop a sort of the web around himself.

Who are politicians In the country, the politician is that people, who take the oath during the selection for fulfilling all needs of the public, but, there is no chance, they will really complete this oath.

Caste Politics in Different States: I hope that the present and the coming generation will be more aware and more responsible towards their country and will rejuvenate the ageing politics Related Essays: Only symbols are elected not politicians.

Caste system is a predominant feature of the social structure in India. In Haryana jats form the dominant political force as they constitute about 23 percent of the total population. We need many more such inspiring campaigns to empower the youth.

They should practice ethical culture. The politics is a totally bad field in which a number of corruption.

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Now the illiterate masses are no more ignorant regarding the effective participation in politics. They have been able to register their power due to the abolition of zamindari system after independence, was Dr.

The Kshyatriyas were considered vigorous because they were created from arms. The politicians may also be giving the proof of his love for the people.

In Maharashtra the caste politics is played amongst three main castes Marathas. They expect them to be trustworthy. It is a great feature of the Indian politician, which makes him a class apart from the politicians of the world.

It is the attitude of politics class, which makes them a hateful and unique class apart from all others.

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If the caste candidate happens to belongs to the caste in majority having large voters it is presumed that he will be selected because of his association with such a caste.The present political System encourages the use of caste as a means of mustering support as well as a means to enable the illiterate and politically ignorant masses of India to participate in the modern democratic process where the caste structure provides one of the most important organizational clusters in which the population is bound to live, politics must-strive to organize through such a structure.

With such a large population of youngsters, isn’t there a need that this young section gets more representation and a more relevant say in the decision-making process of India? Maybe yes, maybe no.

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But most people, like me, believe in a balanced amalgamation of. An Essay On Indian Politics.

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the Panchayati Raj system has several administrative functions and authorities. For most of the years since independence, the federal government has been led by the Indian National Congress (INC).[1] The two largest political parties have been the INC and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

List of Essays on Indian Politics Hindi Essay # 1 भारतीय स्वशासन: विकास एवं स्वरूप | Indian Self-Government: Development and Nature. 1.

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प्रस्तावना । 2. भारतीय स्वशासन का स्वरूप एवं कार्य विभाजन ।. Political System of India. India is a Secular, Sovereign, and Democratic Republic and it has a Parliamentary form of Government. Its constitution was prepared by the Constituent Assembly on 26th November after getting independence from British Rule in August The constitution came into force on 26th November The politics in India is different from the politics in other government in the world.

It is a federal parliamentary government. Federal system is wherein there is division of government powers but the national government still holds more power than the local government.

Write an essay on indian politics
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